The majority of CCCBC learned to row during their time at Oxford. Michaelmas Term of each year is devoted to the novices, who are taught to row by the captains and our talented coaches. Our new recruits then compete in the novice-only Christ Church Regatta. However, novice crews are welcomed throughout the year.

Novicing at CCCBC always leads to the forming strong friendships, the gaining a new skill and having a good deal of fun, but it sometimes even leads people to discover real talent or take on new responsibilities: most of our governing Committee and current triallists for the University Boat Races started their rowing lives as a novice in a Corpus boat. Two of our former novices made it to the lightweight blue boat in 2019!

Information for Corpuscles about joining our exciting, friendly and successful group of rowers can be found by contacting the relevant Captains or President, by coming along to the Fresher’s Week “Rowing Taster” Sessions and BBQ, or by visiting us at the Corpus Christi Fresher’s Fair.