What is a Cox?

The coxswain, affectionately called the cox, is the brains in every boat. While the rowers grunt in agony, focussing only on pushing as hard as they can, it is the cox’s job to steer the boat, to outmaneuver the opposition and to shout instructions at the rowers. A cleverly taken line (the path a boat takes) making maximum use of the current or an opportune shout of ‘power 10’ (10 especially hard strokes) can make all the difference between catching the boat in front or just missing out or between getting caught or managing a row over. So the cox has a lot of power and responsibility in the boat!

The cox also plays a prominent role in training the crews. Having a view down the entirety of the boat allows the cox to see what rowers are doing wrong and offering ways of correcting it. Working with the coach it is the cox’s job not only to improve the technique of the rowers, but also to practise racing calls, tactics and maneuvres. The cox is an integral part of the rowing team!

What do you need to be a Cox?

One of the most important qualities in a cox is to be a bit bossy and to enjoy ordering people around! Having the power to make 8 rowers go through hellish pain is quite a rush, and there is no feeling as satisfying as that of the boat whizzing along the water at pace.

So if you like the thought of ordering around your fellow Corpuscles, or the tactical nature of racing interests you, or if you simply want to join a friendly, welcoming club with lots of socials, then give coxing a try!