Corpus Christi College Boat Club is seeking a primary corporate sponsor. Your support will provide us resources with which we can push ever higher on the river and in return your brand will receive unique visibility among both students and members of the public.

Brand Visibility

Corpus take part in Oxford ‘bumps’ racing, including the historic Summer Eights week. With spectators numbering well over ten thousand on the Saturday and with Corpus crews racing in various divisions throughout the day, your brand will be visible to a large number of Oxford alumni and members of the public, in addition to all the undergraduate and graduate students who come to watch the racing.

Corpus also compete in regattas across the South of England, in the past year this has included Women’s Head of the River – raced on the championship course in London and Henley Fours and Eights. These events have spectators and rowers from around the country attending, again furthering your brand’s visibility.


Corpus Boat Club is one of the most active boat clubs in Oxford, regularly putting out more crews than most other colleges. As such almost every student in Corpus either has rowed themselves or has multiple friends who have rowed. The success and prominence of our club within our college means that almost every student will have exposure to your brand and as such will be will be considering your business. We have a strong presence from both the undergraduate and graduate bodies in our boatclub, so you will have access to a wide variety of students to help meet your individual recruitment needs.

What we can offer

Corpus Boathouse is sited on Boathouse island – the social hub of the Saturday of Summer Eights. Flags fly high and members of the public enjoy refreshments offered by the numerous boathouses on the island. As one of the first boathouses on the island, we can mount your brand’s banner on our boathouse which will be seen by almost everyone visiting the island – and those spectating from the other side of the river.

In addition to this, we can apply you logo as a decal to our rowing shells and can redesign our kit to include your brand. Our rowers wear their kit all around Oxford – to lectures, classes and tutorials, so this would offer visibility to your brand much beyond the rowing scene itself!


We are happy to tailor sponsorship packages to your individual needs and interests. If you are interested in sponsoring Corpus Christi College Boat Club please contact our President or Development Officer. We look forward to hearing from you.