Torpids’ Race Reports 2019

By James Neale, President 2019

This year saw a successful season for our crews, with the Women’s First Torpid winning blades and the Men’s First Torpid climbing to its highest point on the river since 1983!

Our Men’s Third Torpid were also successful in securing blades!

You can find full details in the Torpids’ Race Reports or for a summary see the following table:

Crew Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Total
MI R/O Bumped Lincoln, chain bumped Mansfield R/O Bumped Pembroke II +3
WI Bumped Wadham II Bumped Oriel II Bumped Merton Bumped St Antony’s +4
MII R/O Bumped by Benet’s, Hilda’s II and Hugh’s II Bumped by Teddy Hall III Bumped by Wolfson IV, Pembroke III, chain bumped by Lincoln III -7
WII Bumped Hugh’s II Bumped by Hugh’s II Bumped by University II Bumped Hertford II, bumped by New III -1
MIII Bumped Brasenose III Bumped Anne’s II, chain bumped Wolfson V Bumped Linacre II Bumped Queen’s II +5