Hilary Term Round-Up

This term has seen great success for CCCBC with M1 winning 5 bump blades into division 2, M2 up 5 and into fixed divisions in torpids, both for the first time in 32 years! The women had a less successful torpids, W1 falling 11. W1 then entered a WeHoRR and managed a very respectable 209th (see here) The Club also entered the IWL regattas on the Isis and M1 and W1 went to Henley 4s and 8s. With 5 training crews, the Club has plenty to look forward to next term as we train towards Eights.

Men’s Squad Report, by Sacha Tchen (President)

Men’s First Torpid

Torpids is always the focus of Hilary term and CCCBC men have had a hugely successful regatta. M1 won blades, bumping 5 times, the 5th bump into division 2. This makes them the first men’s crew to row in division 2 since 1985!

The Wednesday, 3 members of the crew’s first bumps start, we started behind St Hugh’s who had bumped us for blades last year. M1 quickly closed on St Hugh’s, catching them in the entrance of the gut and getting almost 5 seats of overlap before clashing blades.

Thursday we were chasing St Peter’s and again it was a short race, Corpus closing quickly before St Peter’s conceded at the entrance to the gut.

Friday was yet another short race, Queens offering little resistance as they were caught shortly after the entrance to the gut. This left Corpus chasing Brasenose for blades and the chance to go sandwich boat and to bump to div 2 on Saturday.

Saturday’s race followed a familiar pattern, Brasenose were bumped in the entrance of the gut after they didn’t concede immediately and instead had their stroke blade almost dragged under our bows. Starting from bungline 2 made for a very brief warm-up paddle before the big appearance in division 2.

M1 chased Worcester as sandwich boat. Worcester were at that point down 10 and on for spoons, they went off very hard, closing to less than ¼ of a length on Somerville in front of them, whilst Corpus closed to ½ a length on Worcester at Salters’ yard. Worcester however couldn’t keep the speed and Corpus bumped them for their 5th bump under Donnington Bridge, by far the longest row of the week at 72 strokes!

Videos of all the races can be found on our new youtube channel! Thanks to Adam Wigley for allowing M1 to use his GoPro.

Special mention also goes to Max Phillips who was taking Classics Mods whilst also rowing this term, a spectacular achievement. The three freshers in the crew (Alex, Rupert and Oscar) are also yet to race past the Gut in a bumps race!

Men’s Second Torpid

With Corpus fielding 4 men’s crews for Torpids for the first time since 1996 we had lots of rowers to pick for M2. With 6 novices from Christ Church regatta boosted with 2 former M1 rowers, M2 was looking strong. Having had a less than ideal build up for the first half of term, lots of progress was made in the two weeks before Torpids.

On the first day they were chasing a very fast Keble M3. After a scrappy start they got onto a strong rhythm. Keble M3 bumped out on Baliol M4, another fast crew filled with schoolboys, causing them to crab in the gut. M2 sensed an opportunity and closed to ½ a length but Baliol M4 pulled away along boathouse island so M2 rowed over. However later M2 were awarded a technical bump on Baliol M4 for an illegal substitution.

On day 2 they started on bungline 2 chasing a very slow Worcester M2 who were bumped 3 times the previous day. M2 started fast and caught Worcester very quickly, the first of the 4 boats that bumped them that day. This meant M2 were sandwich boat and had to row again in division 5 1 hour later. This gave them a chance to move into fixed divisions for the first time since 1985. Starting on bungline 13, further down the river than most of the crew had ever been, they started fast and bumped St Anthony’s M2 in about 20 strokes.

On Friday they were back chasing Keble M3. Keble M3 very quickly bumped St Hugh’s M2 and Corpus M2 then closed quickly and got the overbump before Donnington bridge.

This meant M2 were on for blades going into the Saturday and once again chasing Keble M3. M2 started well, holding level with Keble who very quickly bumped out on Exeter M2. M2 closed to 1 length on Exeter M2 who themselves were very close to LHM M2. It looked like a bump for M2 was inevitable before the race was klaxoned due to swans on the racing line.

This was a very unfortunate end but M2 still had an incredible week, going up 5 and moving comfortably into fixed divisions is a huge achievement.

M2 show off their pain faces. We’ll try and have those finishes together by the time eights comes around.

Corpus M3 has trained hard this term and were well set for rowing on, hoping to get 4 men’s crews qualified for torpids for the first time. Unfortunately a crab just as the timing started in rowing on meant that they didn’t qualify for torpids but as they keep improving they have a very strong shot at qualifying for eights when there is a second rowing on division. This meant that the now-traditional “Kittens” beer-boat stepped up from M4 to M3 and defended the Club’s honour, finishing level for the week having taken on combinations of younger, fitter beer boats and crews that had actually done some so-called training.

Henley Fours and Eights Head

Corpus M1 took a trip to a windy Henley 4s and 8s Head on the 18th March. Our 8 raced first in the morning division, coming 12th in IM.3 mostly behind university crews in 12.02. This was much longer than any training we had done on the water due to the length of the Isis and when we came back it felt noticeably shorter! We would like to thank Scott Houghton for subbing in at bow for us into the Torpids Crew.
We also entered an IM.3 4+ in the second division consisting of Tom Fairclough, Rupert Casson, Adam Wigley and Sacha Tchen with Cameron McGarry coxing, in a boat kindly lent to us by Wolfson. This 4+ came 10th in the category in a time of 13.04, again losing mostly to university crews and beating the only other college to enter.

CCCBC’s coxed four tackles the Henley course.

Isis Winter League

The men have also entered the IWL competitions, short head races on the Isis from Donnington Bridge to Cox’s stone. The report from IWL D can be found here.
IWL E saw Corpus enter 3 men’s 8s the day after we returned form Henley 4s and 8s head. M1 had a strong final race before torpids, finishing as the 6th fastest crew in 4.39, beating several Div 1 and 2 crews despite the long racing at Henley the day before. M2 also raced well, finishing in 5.20 and looking strong before Torpids. M3 also entered pulling a respectable time of 5.40 and preparing well for Rowing On.
These results meant that over all Corpus men came 4th in the final IWL tables.

Women’s Squad Race Report, by Fiona Jamieson (Women’s Captain)

Hilary has proven a mixed term for the women. We were delighted to see our novices integrate into the main squad after last term’s excitement of Christ Church regatta, and the increased numbers allows selection into boats, a new experience for our returning seniors. We are grateful to David Locke for his hard work coaching the women, and also James Marsden and Adam Wigley who have kindly given some additional coaching to our crews this term.
The women have entered every IWL event this season, and for the first time were able to field two women’s boats into one of the races, marking a real comeback in squad numbers. We finished the league 6th out of the 22 clubs that had entered women’s boats this year, a pleasing result. Corpus women are making a return to the external race scene too: following on from entering a 4+ at Wallingford Head at the end of last term, we entered two boats, an 8 and a 4, at Henley 4s and 8s Head in February. This was the first external event many of our crew had entered, and we were very happy with the 8+ result, finishing ahead of several other higher-division Oxford colleges and some university crews as well, and while the 4+ had no obvious college competition to compare against it was good experience.
Week 7 marked the start of Torpids, with W2 narrowly missing out on qualifying by 5 seconds to leave W1, composed of 4 novices and 4 seniors, the sole representative of the women’s squad. Sadly this Torpids didn’t produce the results we were hoping for. Starting 3rd in our division, a combination of some strong opposition crews and a bit of bad luck (seats coming apart on two separate races) left us with a disappointing result that doesn’t reflect the volume and effort of training undertaken by the girls this term. It did at least show the real encouragement and support felt within the squad, having had 3 very tough days the crew still went out on Saturday smiling, and many members of W2 came down to provide cheers along the bank. We will be back determined and motivated to seek revenge next year!

The W1 crew had a difficult Torpids but seek to redeem themselves at Women’s Head of the River Race

Eight of our squad are now looking forward to finishing the term at WEHORR, the first time a Corpus boat has entered this famous tideway race since the Corpus-LMH composite crew of 2014. This should be a great experience, after which vac training begins in earnest as we start our preparation for Summer Eights.

Crew Lists

M1 W1 M2 W2 M3 M4*
Bow Thomas Fairclough (C) Katie Hurt Kelvin Justiva Ingrid Tsang Henry Carter Dr. Hilary “Hibbles” Wynne
2 David Moore Fran Parkes Ross Warren Ella Benson Easton Iona Todd Cameron McGarry
3 Sacha Tchen Rosie Arbuthnot Maximilian Frenzel Emily Williams James Neale Gavin Suen
4 Oscar Beighton Amy Shao Yukihiro Murakami Sally Harding Ben Lakeland Thomas Spink
5 Max Phillips Katya Marks Patrick Gerber Zoe Kuyken Cameron McGarry James Bruce
6 Adam Wigley Fiona Jamieson (C) Jack Holland Hannah Cheah Artem Belov Antony Houghton
7 Rupert Casson Fran Vernon Lukas Fieber Alex Wilson Benedict Winchester Chloe Farrar
8 Alex Bruce Martha Wallace Arthur Berkley Hannah Germain John Myers Dr. Phil Gemmel
Cox Cameron McGarry Molly Willett Emile Roberts Hannah Taylor Ruby Harrison Dr. James Marsden

* The M4 list does not include the many, many subs: James Neale, Ben Lakeland & Peter Woodcock. As such the order is not necessarily representative of the boat on any day either.