Captains’ Reports Michaelmas 2016

After a hugely successful Michaelmas term for CCCBC, our outgoing Captains report on the development of the novices and achievements of the squads. Incoming captains are Thomas Fairclough, 2nd year Materials Scientist and Fiona Jamieson, 2nd year DPhil in Plants Science.

Women’s Squad Race Report by Martha Wallace (Women’s Captain, 2016)

The women’s squad started the term with a returning W1 and a successful recruiting program. David Locke worked as hard as ever to continue the development of W1 in the long build up to Torpids and the always-too-short run up to Christ Church Regatta.

Wednesday of Christ Church kicked off with a race against St Hugh’s WA.  Crippled by a crab early on in the race, that meant a prolonged period of only 3 rowers actually moving the boat, the crew nonetheless managed to pull it together to lose by just under 2 lengths.  Ideally, however, there wouldn’t be crabs, so we decided off the back of this race and the recent close-loss in Nepthys to switch the crew back into their training boat; it would be heavier, but their performance in training had thus far outstripped their racing, and it seemed there was some unfulfilled potential.

With the final chance offered by the repechage, and a more familiar and tested boat, the crew were undaunted by their loss on the first day.  Apparently it all paid off, as they stormed to victory against Exeter WA, with several comfortable lengths between them at the end of the race.  More importantly, there were no crabs.

On the Friday, we were pitted against Wolfson WA.  We knew this could be a tough race, but after finally getting a well-deserved victory, the crew was ready to make Wolfson work for a victory.  After a gutsy start, sticking with Wolfson for the first few hundred metres, unfortunately Wolfson were able to pull away from boat house island, crossing the finish a few lengths ahead.  Nonetheless, in just a few days the crew really got into the swing of racing, getting over the first few races’ crabs and getting a far more competitive and driven mindset.

W1 made their first showing at an external regatta since the Reading Town win of 2014, heading to Wallingford Head to compete in IM3 W4+ (unfortunately we could not race in the novice category because Fiona carelessly one a regatta while training with OUWLRC dev squad…) We placed well, beating or only slightly behind several college crews ahead of us in Torpids. At any rate it was a fun day out and great to be back on the local circuit.

Heading into Torpids we are looking at fielding a strong W1 and a W2 for the first time since 2013. With our placing inn division three we are certainly looking competitive and hope to make a big impact!

WA Looking strong in Nephthys Regatta


Men’s Squad Race Report by Adam Wigley (Men’s Captain, 2015-2016)

Michaelmas Term was a very successful term for the mens side of the boat club for both the novices and seniors. The term started with our taster session, managing to recruit about 20 male freshers including 3 who had rowed before.

We had exactly 8 senior rowers training full time in Michaelmas allowing us to train with aconsistent crew. We also focused on training in mixed fours to focus on technical development. We got a number of wins throughout the term. The first was our A four winning Autumn fours including beating head of the river Oriel in the semi final. Our B four reached the semi final of the same event. We carried this winning run into Nephthys regatta, winning both the lightweight and open fours and reaching the semi final in the eight, losing to Wolfson by a length. The next day we headed to Cambridge Winter Head racing in the IM3 8+, Im3 4+ and Nov 4+ categories. We came second in all, losing to the University of Essex by just 3 seconds in the 8+. This concluded a successful term for the senior squad and a strong start to our Torpids campaign.

We had a strong intake of novices, enough for two boats. I decided to coach the novices having gained experience from coaching the novices last year. This year we used the rowing tank a lot which really helped the novices to develop their technique in a stable environment and for me to coach individuals more easily. The first regatta for the two novice boats, MA and MB was Nephthys regatta. MA beat Balliol and LHM to reach the quarter finals before being knocked out by Jesus MA. MB lost their first race to Keble C due to a crab at five, both detaching his seat and knocking his glasses into the river. This racing experience was very useful to both crews preparing them for Christ Church Regatta. MA had an excellent run beating Pembroke MA, Linacre MA and Wadham MB to reach the quarter finals. They then lost to a very quick Keble MB by 1 length. MB lost their first race to Mansfield MA but had a chance to redeem themselves in the repechage. Due to an illness in WA we were 1 rower short so I stepped in to row at three, making the crew a friendly boat. MB then went on to beat Somerville MA which was a big achievement given that they were an A crew from a college much bigger than us.