Nephthys Regatta

On the weekend of 6th week Michaelmas term, CCCBC entered Nephthys Regatta on the Isis and the Cantabrigian Winter Head in Cambridge.

Nephthys was a slightly shorter course than usual, running from just upstream of Longbridges boathouse to the Cox Stone – about 1km in length.

The senior men entered the lightweight four and open four as well as the eight. The eight won against St. Anthony’s in the first race, but came up against a strong division one Wolfson crew in the next round, suffering a loss by two lengths. After a grueling race to the line with Keble in the first round, the lightweight four went on to win their category, also beating out St. Hilda’s and Trinity. The open four also won their category, beating both University and Pembroke’s so-called “Eddie Rolls special.”

After a successful day, Corpus packed up Spirit for her first trip off the Isis to Cantabs winter head. Race report by Treasurer Sacha Tchen can be found here.

The motley MA crew pulling hard


On Saturday the novice men entered an A boat and a mixed B boat. MA made a strong showing, beating out Balliol and LMH easily to reach the quarter finals. Here though we recieved a nasty shock, when Jesus MA brutally chased us to the line, eventually pulling away after the boathouse island and winning  by one length. However, ending the day in the quarter finals was a fantastic debut and exciting indicator for Christ Church Regatta.

The MB race report was written by fresher John Myers:

Another year, another new crew. The men’s B boat’s debut had a great start with Molly Willett as cox easily surging past Keble C. Unfortunately, a few strokes in, the person sitting at five crabbed twice knocking his glasses into the river and detaching his seat in the process. The crew was soon forced down to only six rowing members as the person at four had to drop out to balance the boat. After a short stop by the boathouses, the remaining six of the men’s B boat valiantly finished the race, well behind Keble C. The men’s B boat will have a chance to redeem themselves in the Christ Church regatta next week.

The women’s race report below was written by Women’s Captain Martha Wallace:

The senior crew were the first of the women’s squad to race, with their first race Friday afternoon. The draw had put us automatically through to the semi-finals, so we only had to sit through the first round to find out who our opponents would be (Keble WA, as it turned out). Undaunted by Keble’s shameless flaunting of blues stash in the boat before the race, the Corpus crew stuck right with them off the start and over the first half of the course kept an overlap on the Keble boat. Unfortunately over the length of boat house island Keble began to pull away, finishing the race with about a length and half’s lead. Nonetheless, they had to work for every inch and it was a gutsy performance from the Corpus seniors.

The novices were one of the earlier races of the Saturday, facing off against Trinity WA. Though they pulled ahead off the start, Corpus were quickly crippled by a crab, allowing Trinity to get the lead. Undeterred, Corpus kept up a close pursuit, even through another crab just by the boat house, and were neck and neck coming on to the meadow. At this point Trinity themselves caught a hefty crab, and Corpus made a push for the lead, ahead about 150m from the finish. Unfortunately, a crab in the middle of the boat led to Trinity taking the race in the last 100m, but with just the canvas crossing the finish line first. In defence of the crabbing novices, when they returned to their standard, training boat for Christ Church there were more seamless races (and even a win). Regardless, even as a loss it was a strong start to their racing season.