Cantabrigians Winter Head

Race report from Cantabrigians Winter Head by Treasurer Sacha Tchen

On the Saturday of 6th week M1 (with Phil Gemmell making his return from Kittens M3 in Summer Eights to kindly sub in at 2) took an 8+ and 2 4+s to the twisty, narrow river that is the Cam for Cantabrigian Rowing Club’s winter head.

After a cold, early morning we arrived and boated for our first race in the 8. Going off third in our division Mr James Marsden expertly navigated the challenging Cam course and we finished in a respectable time of 9.21, finishing second in the IM.3 category to the University of Essex by only 3 seconds and 19th overall. We were only Cambridge college Div 1 crews with the home advantage and university crews. We beat the only other Oxford college there, a Worcester 8 by 29 seconds.

Next up in Div 4 was ‘Pointless’ in the Novice 4+ category. Unfortunately setting off at the back of their division mean that they got stuck behind slower crews, the twisty course making it impossible for them to overtake. This slowed them considerably so their time of 10.47 was unrepresentative of their true speed and power. They finished second in their category.

In Div 5 and going off second from the bottom was ‘Pointy’ in the IM.3 4+ category. Having marshalled for 40 minutes, when Pointy finally got under way it was an impressive row, mostly in clear water due to waiting above the start for crews to clear. The main excitement was a novice crew banking in front of us as we over took them. Pointy concluded a run of nearly but not quiet for the day, again coming second to what was a very quick Peterhouse/99s crew in their category and 62nd overall in 10.05. Pointy were also only three seconds behind Corpus Cambridge’s 4+, bringing hope for Corpus Challenge next term.

Many thanks must go to James Marsden for driving us all there (and back to London) and coxing all three boats throughout the day.