Autumn Fours Victory!

CCCBC entered Autumn Fours on the Isis last weekend. Sadly due to illness the women’s crew had to scratch at the last minute but the men’s A and B crews did their best to make up for their absence.

Men’s B

The men’s B crew consisted of the bow four of our first eight and coxed by Mr. James Marsden. It was newcomers Alex Bruce and Oscar Beighton’s first regatta in Oxford, while Bertie Veres returns from M1 last year and Max Philips from M2 having made a lot of progress sculling over the long vacation.

MB started the day with a solid win over St. Peter’s by two lengths but were unfortunately beaten in the semi-final by Univ B.

Unfortunately we were all too busy winning races to take any good photographs but Peter Cowling kindly sent in this picture of our first eight in training.

Men’s A

Men’s A consisted of the stern four of the first eight, with another fresher, Rupert Casson making his debut appearance for CCCBC – and what an appearance it was! MA beat Somerville in the first round by three quarters of a length, pitting us against Oriel in the semi-final. It was with much trepidation that we lined up against them at the start but it appears that the stars alined in our favour as we beat the head of the river by one length. Finally, MA revenged MB by beating Univ B by one and a half lengths in the final.

So overall a highly successful day for CCCBC, our next appearance will be at Nepthys regatta on the 18th (seniors) and 19th (novices make their debut) of November.. We will also be sending the seniors to Cantabrigian Winter Head on the 19th November for another crack at an external regatta.

Cameron McGarry
President, CCCBC