Corpus Christi College, nestled in the heart of the city centre, is one of the University of Oxford’s constituent colleges. Its boat club was established in 1858 with female members joining in 1978. In recent years, the boat club has reached new heights with the Men’s 1st VIII sitting in the highest position in Torpids 2019 since 1982/3 and the Women’s 1st VIII winning much coveted ‘Blades’ at Torpids (2019). In addition, the boat club has recently produced one of the first Oxford Lightweight Women to achieve a discretionary full blue (Fiona Jamieson).

We are proud to take the majority of our rowers from their first stroke through to rowing competitively in bumps racing and many of our novice rowers go on to make it into our first eights. We believe strongly in balancing high-level competition with a friendly and inclusive atmosphere and would love to hear from any potential applicants who are considering Corpus.

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